Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And Yet I Keep Going Back

One day last week, Jesse walked over to Wendy's with me while I picked up some lunch. I decided to try their new sandwich. Frescata, I believe. I wanted to know what was on a particular one and the clerk yelled to the cook asking what was in it. His reply? He yelled back, "We ain't got none of those buns. We can make it on a regular bun, though." No thanks. Not the same.

So I decided to try the Mandarin Chicken Salad. "We don't have any of that dressing."

I tried Chicken Ceasar Salad next. A quick look in their refrigerator followed by the blank stare said, "No we don't have that either."

A query for Spinach Chicken Salad got the same blank stare.

I shouted out "Frosty!" but they didn't hear me. Just as well. I didn't really want one but just wanted to see if they told me they were out.

So I finally ordered "Nuggets, chili, and a Biggie Diet Coke." Yep, the regular. Sad thing is, we all know I'll still keep going back. Sigh.


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