Friday, May 19, 2006


Do you like to listen to music while you're on the computer? I have created a station at Launchcast (Yahoo) and have a ton of other stations I've bookmarked and listened to but my current favorite is Pandora, LINK, created by the Music Genome Project. Why? Because it's fun!

Different attributes are figured in such as melody, harmony and rhythm, instrumentation, orchestration, arrangement, lyrics on over 10,000 different artists, could be popular or obscure.

Meaning -- you type in a singer, band, or song and it usually plays that, then searches for other songs with like attributes. It creates a "radio station" using the name of that selection you typed in. Of course you can change the name of it. And you can have multiple stations. I've got about nine stations so far. In creating your station, you can choose "like this song and want more like it," or "don't play it again," skip songs, and choose favorites.

Some of my stations turned out kinda wacky but look who's talking. I made one I call "Brady Bunch Radio" and it has those funky bands/songs that you'd hear on old sit-coms. Sooooo groovy.

Some I just started cause I wanted to hear an old song or singer I hadn't heard in a long time, like Joni Mitchell or Kate & Anna McGarrigle. Remember Jo Jo Gunne?

One of my first stations was called "Downtown." You know, Petula Clark singing "Downtown" and all those oldies. My latest one started out because I wanted to hear a Rita Coolidge song. Some of the ones it chose to play were bosa nova tunes which is really soothing and enjoyable. And I've kept choosing "play more like this" so I'm going to change the name of it now to "Bosa Nova-tastic." Yep, that sounds good.

Check it out! It's free!
(Thanks, Caroline, for telling me about it!)


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