Monday, July 03, 2006

Another First

I'm well into the first July 4th weekend sans Gene. Spending the traditional weekend with Barrie, family and friends. I think this is the seventh, although could be the eighth. It's been debated a few times this weekend.

Regardless, we've been having them long enough to have members die and be born. This year's addition was baby Brock. Such a sweetheart!

With July 4 falling on a Tuesday, it kind of made scheduling awkward since some people had to work on Monday. But we had Saturday and Sunday with everyone together of those who could attend this year.

Friday afternoon, the mom's took the little ones into the studio for a cousins portrait while the dad's were playing golf. I got in much earlier than I expected so to pass the time until everyone was home, I got a pedicure and manicure -- not something I do with any regularity. However, after three hours fighting Fourth of July crazy traffic -- sitting in a massage chair and having your feet and hands massaged is not a bad thing at all! Besides, my feet really needed the attention. I've just not noticed such things since Gene died. I guess after nine months one starts to wake up? Is there a gestation period for grief?

Saturday, the out-of-state folks joined the group. For the most part, it was a relaxing day of visiting and playing with the kids. Let me tell you, the kids love their Aunt Mimi! She is pretty loveable.

The excitement of the day came when we all (sans Tim who was at the house engrossed in futball) went to the waterpark. It really is a great waterpark and has something for all sizes of kids, very interactive, too. But, Owen just up and tried to make a jump that he just doesn't have the size for yet and landed on his chin. Poor little guy. He ended up with three stiches and as he calls them, "stickers" in his chin. Cade was oblivious to the incident and with her Mimi at hand, she didn't even notice that her mom, dad and Owen were gone. You just don't know -- these kids LOVE their Aunt Mimi!

That afternoon, we all relaxed and regrouped. Amy (Mimi) and I took Cade and Brock for a walk around the neighborhood. That evening, a sitter came for the kids. The adults (and baby Brock) went to a German resturant for plenty of schnitzel. Came home a tried a few rounds of charades.

Sunday, we started out the day with a big breakfast casserole and fruit. By early afternoon, the James-Amy-Baby Brock contingent had to leave. So the remainder of us went to Canton First Monday which is crazy that it is only on Fri., Sat., and Sunday. Coincidentally, it is in the same county where my dad and family moved to when they came to Texas. I talked to him about it and he said that he remembers that the first Monday in September of 1930, his father went to Canton and bought a team of Texas mules, wagon and plows.

That evening was the hamburger cookout for the weekend with all the fixings. Including a really nice shower while the burgers were cooking. A very welcome sight as dry as it has been. The evening's entertainment was Shrek 2. Still funny with something new to see that you missed last time.

That brings us to today (Monday). Barrie and Nat are supposed to go and shop for their dresses for Colleen's upcoming wedding. The guy's are working. I'm supposed to meet up with an old friend of mine from high school days. She lives near here and we haven't seen each other in about thirty years.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), Natalie and Tim will be flying back home. We'll probably go to the local fireworks display in the neighborhood. Young Owen loves the fireworks. I wonder how Cade will take it this year.

More later as the rest of my little vacation unfolds.

Tuesday, July 4
Well, here we are at the day -- Independence Day. My first July 4 as a newly independent woman. Sigh.

Yesterday (Monday), I went to visit the friend from my high school days. Not that we went to high school together -- we got to know each other when she would visit her grandparents where we lived. We'd exchanged a few emails over the last few years but haven't actually seen each other in thirty years. It was a grand reunion. We had lots to catch up on and it was a really enjoyable visit. Barrie and Natalie had fun shopping for bridesmaids dresses. And I suppose the guys got lots of work done. Right after dinner, Tim and Natalie left because they'd gotten an earlier flight and had to leave early, early.

Today (Tuesday), was a day of just hanging out for the most part. I did some Treasure Hunt maps/clues for Owen who loves to do treasure hunts. By the way, if it isn't bright and shiney -- it doesn't qualify as treasure. Those became Prize Hunts. Since he doesn't read yet, all his clues have to be drawn. But we had fun. Cade seemed to really enjoy her stick horses I brought her. Wasn't sure the little city girl was going to, but she did.

Other than play with the kids -- the big event of the day was sitting down to watch Guiding Light and the real "Bauer BBQ" in real time. That was fun. Happened to coincide with kiddie naptime which was a bonus.

The neighborhood BBQ basically got rained out, but who's complaining when rain is needed so much. So we went down and got some bbq but declined to hang out and play in the rain. Boston Pops on tv was more our speed. Plus, it did quit raining and we got to see a little of a city fireworks show in the distance over the rooftops.

That concludes the Eighth Annual Bauer BBQ July 4th Extravaganza. I hope to get up and get an early start in the morning. Looking forward to collecting my cat from having boarded him all this time. By the way, I came up here with a fine case of poison ivy from the cat having gotten in it and rubbed up around my neck. Yikes! I'm itchy! Still looking forward to seeing my little kitty. Hope the experience hasn't traumatized him or anything.


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