Friday, May 20, 2005

Looking Back at Easter Sunday

Dad had been spending a few days up at the lakehouse so I went over and went to church with him. We spent the afternoon visiting and had a great time. He seems stronger and like he's feeling better than in a long time. As usual, I got to hear some great stories about family history and the world in general from his 87 years.

He said that when they'd harvest corn, they'd work three rows at a time. The wagon would go down the middle one, knocking the corn down. That was the down row. His older brothers would make him work the down row because he was shorter. They might have been a little bit taller, but since they were older they held their ground that it easier for them to pull the tall corn. Besides, all that corn that'd been run over by mule and wagon was hard to get. And that's what little brothers were for, right?

He said that when a mule would bite an ear of corn, it would make a loud POP. The mule would freeze. Wouldn't move, twitch, anything cause they knew they were in trouble! A mule that tried to eat corn in the field would just end up dropping it because of the bit in their mouth and waste it. Anyway, it was a "no no" for the mule to do that and they knew better.

So, there'd usually be about three of the boys pulling corn and whenever they heard that inevitable "POP", they'd each sail an ear or two of corn straight and true right at that mule's head. Silly mule, knew it was coming and maybe in freezing, thought themself invisible?


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