Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Looking Back at Mother's Day

That weekend, Geneva's son invited Dad to come up to the farm (Geneva's old place) with the family for the weekend. I went over on Sunday and went to church with Dad at their old church. That church feels as much my church home as any ever has. I would go more often if it were closer. I really do love the sweet spirit there. And what better way to honor my two moms than to go to their church on that day. Too bad it's so far away from where I live. After church, we went to the cemetery to see Geneva's headstone that had been put up. It was very nice.

We had a big family lunch. I headed home and since the drive takes me through a decent sized town with real stores, I did a little shopping. Just really, really did need a couple of dresses for work. The ride home was a rainy one, but I just took my time and enjoyed listening to a bluegrass show on the radio. The show featured covers of George "The Possum" Jones hits and was fun. I got in touch with Esteen to tell him Happy Birthday. So easy to remember his bday since it falls on Mother's Day.


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