Monday, May 02, 2005

My Weekend

Sunday was kind of quiet. But Saturday, Judy was in town and we got together and had a great visit. We even got a chance to discuss the brochure I am doing for her business. I just happened to have that file with me!

I also had my camera but forgot to take her picture. So she sent me a photo from one of her outdoor adventures. She is a member of TOWN (Texas Outdoors-Woman Network) which is sponsored by Texas Parks and Wildlife for women who want to meet like-minded-women to learn and practice outdoor skills.

Judy with her Mud Spud
MUD SPUDS -- Build a campfire that will have a deep bed of glowing coals. While the coals are getting ready, begin the mud-spud preparation. Get a pail of good clean dirt and add just enough water so that it will squish to a dough-like texture. Pierce each potato a few times with a fork. Using your hands, encase the potato with a thick shell of mud. Using tongs, carefully place the potatoes on the glowing coals. Cook for about an hour, turning a time or two. Remove the potatoes from the coals and gently tapp each one on a rock. To your amazement, the hard baked mud will crack off clean as a whistle. Let each person prepare their potato with their favorite toppings.


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