Sunday, April 24, 2005

Where Do I Start With This Once a Week Posting?

Do I start with yesterday and go back? The first of the week, move forward? And how do I remember stuff from a week ago? Guess I'll just jump around until I figure it out and just add a bunch of different posts with approximate dates?

Right now, it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Almost too cool to enjoy being outside and a blue, blue sky. I just came back inside to see if the power was back on. It’s not. About an hour ago, heard a big boom and the power went off. A transformer, I guess.

Martha sews a new look for lakehouse
In my brief little foray outside a few minutes ago, I discovered that I am really, really sore. Friday night, I drove over to the lakehouse and met Martha and Dad there. Martha was making valances for the windows and Dad was relaxing when I got there. She brought up different pieces of furniture she had on hand to kind of refurnish the place until we get it sold. Dad seems to enjoy spending time up there when he’s feeling good.

Dad worked on stuff outside. Sissy brought some paint and we tackled the middle bedroom. It had not been painted since 1978 and true to form, Dad had used some freebie paint he’d been given -- he claimed it was venetian blind paint (which was forerunner to mini-blinds for you youngins).

Lawnmower's outta gas! Dynamo Martha
puts it back in the garage
Who knew there was such a thing as venetian blind specific paint? Well, let me tell you it was very hard to paint over. I put together a futon first thing that morning and then we started painting. Martha did all the cleaning and prep work. I just had to paint. Finally got the ceiling covered like I wanted. We still need to go back with a coat on the baseboards, paint the rest of the trim and another good coat on the walls. Ran out of time and paint. We all had to get going around five o’clock.

Well, I just saw the power repair truck over at Billy’s. They told him that everyone on our road was without power, but it should be back on in about 15 minutes. Apparantly there was a problem with a switch, not transformers.

Old songs and friendships renewed
I had to get on back Saturday evening. Gene had invited a friend from high school and her husband; he wanted to show off his office to someone who knew him back when. She was very proud of him and very proud to see his law degree on his wall. He and Linda used to sing together at weddings and such back in their youth. She and her husband were really nice. I enjoyed the evening.

This week at work, we had some really big groups. One day a group of 170 was late followed by 55 that were early. The next day, a group of 80 were early. Fifteen minutes here and there is to be expected. More than 30 minutes to an hour? Makes it hard when you’ve scheduled reservations, speakers, volunteer tour guides, etc. Well, I just had to erase a ranting paragaraph since this is supposed to be Judy’s House of Fun. Another two groups of 100 each next week, and then the rest of them for the semeseter will be groups of 40. Much less stress with those small groups!

On Friday, Caroline called Kim and said to be sure and tell everyone that she was in NYC riding around in a limo. Sounds great! I still can’t believe their prof found funding to take the class (although an extremely small class of six) to New York City for a long weekend. They were to see “Streetcar Named Desire” starring John C. Reilly.

That's enough for now! Read on to see other things from the week!


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