Saturday, April 16, 2005

What's Not To Like?

What a nice day. First of all, the weather was beautiful with blue sky and low humidity.
A friend had invited me to the Catholic church for her great nephew's baptism. I never had been to a child's baptism, plus, it was in Spanish. It was very sweet. I'm glad I got to go.

Then after that, I drove over to the lake to show the lakehouse. Of course, I had to stop and get a cheeseburger at Carlene's as I passed. Yum! As it turned out, the three people that I'd expected bailed on me. But I had an alternate plan. Got to the house, opened it up, ate my cheeseburger, then crawled up in that comfy daybed and took a much desired nap. YES!

I'd just woken up when Gene called. Someone had left a message that they wanted to see the house. I called them and they were nearby and came on out. Pretty quick look around, which says "eh, no thanks" in my book. Really nice people, though. I went ahead and closed up the house, but got another call from Gene with another number. Opened the house/shop back up and those people managed to make it out before dark. They took the longest to look around of most anyone, so I'm thinking "maybe?"

The Blues --
"Feeling good
about feeling
Since it's an hour and half trip from the lakehouse, I got to hear almost the entire blues show that was playing on public radio on the way back. The first half was a bio on Muddy Waters. I came in right about where he took his Delta Blues and one suit of clothes and headed to Chicago. Then it followed through his rockin' Chicago Blues to Electric Mud to his influences on famous rock acts like the Stones (Keith Richards says he was their father and Muddy claimed them as his children as well), Eric Clapton, and Hendrix. Wow! Some fantastic blues to illustrate that bio. (I encourage you to listen to it HERE.)

Jimi Hendrix's
version of Muddy's
"Catfish Blues"
was featured, too.
Then next hour, they covered blues influences on country (with examples by Doc Watson, Charlie Pride, and Johnnie Cash), rock and gospel and went in depth about Buddy Guy beginning his story in Baton Rouge. By the time they threw in some contemporary jazz examples, I was home and out of the car. Remarkably, the public tv station was coming in crystal clear, which is unusual, and Gene and I watched about the birth of swing music. Some more great performances there.

So a day with good people, good weather, good food, a great nap, and great music, hey, what's not to like? A definite low stress and pleasurable day!


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