Sunday, April 10, 2005

Had a Nice Weekend

The weather was really fabulous this weekend. Got lots done on Saturday. One big thing was to get the old Honda washed up and inspected. And with all that Honda hatchback room, took a load of cans in for recycling. On Sunday, I went over to the lakehouse. Dad was spending a few days up there. We went to church and came back after a good lunch at Carlene's Cafe. I tried to take a picture of my dad while we were at the cafe (which I would've posted here) and that dang camera wouldn't work. So disappointing. Anyway, later that afternoon, we took the legs off the outdoor table so I could fit it and the outdoor bench in my car. Then we shoveled up the rest of the ashes from the old shed he'd had someone tear down and he subsequently burned and some other general cleaning up outside. He's amazing. Still going at 87. Granted he had to slow down, but he's not happy unless he's busy working at something.


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