Sunday, April 17, 2005

Walk Away?

How can I possibly get to everything I'm interested in learning and enjoying? The other day, I was searching for a sound file for Caprimulgus carolinensis to add to my April 16 post because I'm excited there is a Chuck-will's-widow here and just wanted to share. From there, I wanted to listen to other bird sounds listed on the same page -- and then on the other hand, I want to spend time outside listening for them. There's a ton of other things I'd like to do outside, too. For one thing, I haven't touched my plants all spring.

And I've got stuff. Physical stuff. Anyone who really knows me knows how much stuff I've got. And I so need to deal with it, but here I am on the computer again. And I really do enjoy the computer: surfing, photoshopping, emails, etc. Television has always taken up way too much of my time, and now computer time has sucked me in, too. At least I can combine those two.

But, there appears to be a hard decision before me. Am I at the point that I just have to walk away, walk away? Probably -- if I want to accomplish something other than gathering more obscure knowledge. Will I just have to limit my computer time to bill paying and necessary emails? Possibly.

I know there are a couple of you out there that check my blog very frequently. I check my stats. I know who you are and I thank you, especially since I've been trying to post daily! But I think for the rest of the summer, I might go to posting every few days or maybe once a week. I should save the daily posting for cold, damp, winter days when the laptop also serves as a little personal heater.

Who knows, I might get lots accomplished and have lots to brag about in my intermittent posts! Time will tell. Check back in about a week and you'll get an update. For now, I'm outta here to go DO something!


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