Thursday, October 09, 2008

Just Been Too Busy

Don't currently have internet access at home and work has been kicking my butt so no posting lately. Busy time of year and all.

Decided to just stop and make a post. A lot happened in the almost month since I posted although much of it not noteworthy.

Came home the next day after the last post and there was no damage to my house; Einstein was really glad to get home. He's never traveled before. Sat around my house for the week with no power until Friday, 8pm. Beautiful weather but mosquitoes were pretty bad. Used a whole can of Off sitting outside reading. Read A LOT. Slept A LOT with all that dark, you know. Neighbor gave me some lamp oil for the lamp I had and I did finally get accustomed to reading by it those last couple of evenings.

That next Saturday, went to a wedding in town where Dad/Sister live. Our first-cousin's daughter got married. The hurricane made things if-fy for them and their caterer canceled but the cake-maker, DJ, and all the rest were good to go. They found someone else to cater last minute and it was a great success. And got to see relatives that I rarely see, too.

That Monday was back to work after being closed one week and a day. It's taken a while for things to get caught up.

The third year anniversary of Gene's passing came on Friday of that week. It is also my sister's birthday. I took the day off and went over and spent it with her and took her out to eat and such. We laughed a lot. It was fun.

The rest of the time has mostly been consumed with work. Too many irons in the fire. Nothing particularly interesting to put here but things are being rearranged here at work, so we'll see if my workload lightens up some soon.

Today I heard a story about Richard Garriott, a famous video game developer. He's paying 30 million dollars for a ride on a Russian rocket to the International Space Station. He has wanted to go to space since he was a kid. In this radio story I was listening to, they interviewed his father who talked about a pilot.

This guy was supposed to have that first ticket from the space travel company, SpaceX, that is contracted with the Russian space program for rides. (NASA contract for same starts in 2010.) But it didn't work out so he got the second ticket quite a bit later.

Anyway, turns out his father was a NASA astronaut. On Sunday, Mr. Garriott will have the pleasure of shaking hands with a Cosmonaut on the Space Station whose father was also a cosmonaut. Second generation space travelers! I think Gene would have thought that very grand! My eyes actually teared up a little when I thought about that.

Enough blogging for now .. who knows when I'll get a chance to again. And thanks for the concern and comments ... hopefully I can respond before too long ... gotta run and finish up a project. Too many deadlines hit all at once! Sheese!


Blogger Jayne said...

I think Gene would've like the idea of 2nd generation space travelers. Kind of a "look how far we've come."

I know I've never not known space travel was happening (I mean, I'm only 32.), but it's way cool to me that we've done it long enough now that we're hitting 2nd generation 'nauts.

9:24 AM  

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