Saturday, July 16, 2005

Well, I Finally Saw "Dirty Dancing"

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(1987) Seems like it was longer than 18 years ago that it came out, but supposedly it is. Still, taking 18 years to get around to watching it is quite a delay. And as I thought, I enjoyed it. Thought it was a fine little story with some fancy steppin' dancers! Patrick Swayze was looking young and virile in this one! Jennifer Gray was sweet as "Baby" (and did you know she was once engaged to Johnny Depp and also to Matthew Broderick.)

You know, being named "Baby" used to be pretty common. There was an old guy in my former neighborhood and when he went into the army, they had him pick some initials since his family never had named him and still called him "Baby". Granted, there were lots of relatives in the town but everyone still called him, "Uncle Baby." Except my friend, Missy, who also rented a house in this little town. She very respectfully called him, "Mr. Baby."


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