Friday, June 24, 2005

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(2005) Steven Seagal's crew opens up another can of whup-ass, this time on a submarine. I say his crew does because his actual hand-to-hand was very slight, and mostly done with camera cuts. But he is the glue that holds them together and propels them through their quest for a "Get Out of Jail" card upon completion of their assignment. If you like his movies, you'll like this one. Much better than the last one we saw.

National Treasure
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(2004) A treasure hunting movie for Nicholas Cage. His sidekick, played by Justin Bartha, had the best lines--too funny. Full of factual errors, but forget all that and just go along for the ride. Lots of action.

Moulin Rouge!
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(2001) I finally saw Moulin Rouge! Spectacular sets for the musical numbers. Saturated colors, lots of dazzle that burned my retinas and kept me remembering them for a few days after. That's about all I can give on this one. Sorry, guess I just don't get it. Just too slick, too homoginized, too overproduced -- kind of like a Whitney Houston song. Now, if you want to see a real avant-garde movie incorporating popular music, check out The Saddest Music in the World.

The Saddest Music in the World
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(2003) I am actually only halfway through this one, but just seemed appropriate to follow Moulin by mentioning it. Isabella Rossellini plays a Winnipeggian beer baroness who holds a contest during the Great Depression. She sends out the call world-wide for the saddest music which will win a reward of $25,000. Picture Indian singers in Eskimo costumes, who dance to ''California Here I Come'' with sitars and banjos commemorating a 19th-century kayaking accident.

From what I've read, I'm looking forward to seeing her performance where she stands resplendent on her new glass legs with the local beer coursing through them -- oh, did I mention that her former lover, a doctor in a drunken stupor, cut off her legs after a car wreck?

(UPDATE: Okay, I finished watching this movie and must admit that I was forced to fast forward through a lot of it. The idea of this interminable movie is much better than having to actually sit through it. Quite brilliant, actually. Wonderfully wierd!)


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