Tuesday, March 29, 2005

We've Been Robbed of the Contest Prize!

Barrie entered her nursery in a regional Child Magazine contest for a special kids room/play room. When they were planning for Owen's arrival, Barrie was kind enough to let me help her with the nursery by letting me paint the mural. The mural depicts the homes of all the extended family. Well, we didn't win the contest. I consider myself a modest person but even I'll tell you in a heartbeat that the photos just don't do it justice. There's something special about standing in that room. I think we all must have inadvertently worked some spell and the magic lingers in the air like a whisp of smoke from grandpa's pipe. And you just don't feel it unless you're standing in the room. It's not the mural, it's not the bedding, etc. -- but something is afoot there! Maybe it's just that it's hard to photograph the love that fills the room. So, the entry was robbed of the prize which was a gift certificate for children's furniture and we can't wait to see what won!


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