Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Kind of a Crazy Day Today

Started out this morning at a "Breakfast with the President" function at work. That was kind of interesting. And then a big office meeting with a consultant that's going to really make us more efficient, don't you know! A new student assistant started today, so throw some training in. And the consultant wanted some particular data, so I had to work on a report for several hours to generate that info. We did have a little lunch fiesta today. Even though Ashley doesn't work with us anymore, she's still family. So she went by and picked up MacKenzie's $5 for hamburgers-fries-drinks-on-Wednesdays for us and we all had lunch together. Was yummy and fun. "Get to know your neighbor time" (the last 15 minutes of the work day) was a bit mellow today. We did turn up the volume on the tunes, watched a few funny video clips on the computer, then shut things down. Except for Amy. She's driven ... worked right up to the end to complete her task. Then the fire alarm went off in the building which coincided right with quitting time. (False alarm, by the way.)

I hadn't been home but just a few minutes and someone knocked on our door which can make me jump out of my skin since we've only had about 10 people knock on our door the entire time we've lived here. Some guy had seen the red car ('92 Honda) sitting out there and wondered if we were interested in selling it. Since I got my new Corolla, we've certainly considered it. I had hoped we'd have the extra cash to get the Nissan worked on and Gene could drive the Honda while it was in the shop. But it hasn't worked out quite that way, so .... Gene's been out there talking to him for quite a while now. Wonder if the guy will buy it. Hmmm.


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