Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Day

-Someone in my work-o-sphere announced their retirement today.

-The SH-uttle is canceled.

-I'll soon be working on a project with a co-worker who I've worked with before. Should turn out to be a good thing. We work well togther.

-What else? Oh when I walked into work this morning, there was a car without appropriate sticker parked in the handicapped spot. Happens a lot when people want to "just run into our building real quick" as they say. I noticed this person had a big fat flat waiting for their return. No quick get-away for them.
(I know, I know ... how can a flat by its mere nature be fat? I don't care. I just like the way it sounds. Leave me alone.)

-I remembered to leave for lunch. Needed to go pay my car insurance. I went to the 6 month plan so I only have the chance of being late twice a year instead of monthly.

-Coworker posted a somewhat crazy post on our work FaceBook page thinking he was on his personal page. He caught his mistake within the minute and deleted it. Within that minute (actually at 14 seconds), an associate vp on campus saw it and called me about the post someone put up about "i just took some meds and want to lay down and sleep". Of course during the time she was telling me that, it was gone. Oh brother. (To former co-workers... your friend that did that is professor of "HIS 365:The History of Free T-shirts" He's been fighting a cold and was a little loopy. LOL. Also former co-workers ... while you might miss the Cheeseburger, the Malt remains.)

-My cat had to eat a couple slices of bacon for supper last night. Out of groceries and forgot to get catfood. I'm headed to the grocery store and home. Bye!


Blogger Kasey said...

This is why you never save passwords for work accounts on anything.

Also, hi. 8)

9:30 AM  
Blogger The DuBransky's said...

WOW. That facebook thing cracked me up. On my homepage I see friends (who think they are posting to their own wall) update their status with a message meant for an individual, NOT for ALL their friends. Too funny.

Of all messages. One that sounds like a suicide note? WOW.

1:37 AM  

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