Thursday, April 16, 2009


Been a while. I was off last Friday and used the laptop at home to write up some entries ... of course, forgot the flash drive so not able to put them up. Maybe I'll remember it tomorrow.

I came across a blog, Liberty Post, today and saw an entry and link to this Time photo gallery that shows families throughout the world posed with their week's worth of groceries. Hope the link works for you. It's fascinating.

I found that site on a blogroll of another site that a local news anchor recommended as her favorite. It's full of French Provincial decorating. Wasn't real excited about that but the links to other sites are pretty wonderful in a "too many house decorating magazines have bitten the dust but now here's some great sites to fill the void" kind of way. And yes, the fact that they exist causing the void is not lost on me. Some of them are the above mentioned Liberty Post, Black Eiffel, and the paris apartment is pretty photo rich, too.

And I found this blog which has a current entry telling about a company with cardboard furnishings that completely interlock. No glue or staples or any fasteners of any kind. It looks great! And that led to the site for the company which commissioned the furniture and has a spectacular flash site that's fun to explore. It's Nothing. I really like their introductory flash movie about "spending more for less". It makes a whole lot of sense. And then that led to one of it's artists, Sumkin.

If you feel like taking a look, the link to that original blog is HERE and you have to scroll past a lot of self-aggrandizing to get to her My Blog List. I've only had time to look at a few but look forward to the next time I can grab some Internet browsing time to explore some more.


Blogger latt├ęgirl said...

No Canadian family on What the World Eats? I suppose we eat pretty much what Murricans do. I see the Western families are big on packaged foods and also on soft drinks (what a shocker). And of course you can't help but be sickened by the gaping disparity between us and the family in the camp eating on just over $1.00 per week...

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