Monday, February 09, 2009

A Nest Of Model Homes

Went to see Barrie and her family last weekend. Barrie and I had a chance to go look at model homes (sans kids). I'm thinking we might have seen maybe ten? It's fun to see how they are decorated and tsk-tsk at how hard it'd be keep all that clean and shake our head at how much these people will have to pay in taxes and will still be close enough to the next $400,000 house that neighbors could practically reach out and touch each others finger-tips if they leaned out their windows. But hey, it's so much fun to go look and I kept hoping we'd find a nest of 'em all in one place and we did! We had time for one more look-see and then head home. Found a nest of about three or four all right together. Here's some photos from our adventure.

Barrie & Me. We found a good one!

This is the house in the background of the photo above.

One house we looked at had Barrie's dream kitchen.

This house had some cute decorating ideas like this one in the "pool" theme bedroom.

This room was just one example of scary decorating. But not as scary as the scary clown kid's bedroom we saw in one of them. That's the one I should have taken photos of but I guess it was too scary. Just wanted to get out of there. HaHa.

We really liked this dining room. I think upholstered chairs look really nice in a dining room but I like how these are wood at the top. Seems like that would help make it easier to move them and to keep them cleaner. And I think they are nice looking. Personally, I do not have a dining table. I eat my supper either on my lap or on the ottoman in front of the tv. I'm okay with that.

We covered some ground in our quest! Here's a nice view of the Dallas skyline we saw while traveling back home.


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