Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Something To See

I was going through my old posts and saw a lot of drafts saved. First drafts, ideas, photos, etc. that never got published to my blog for whatever reason. Sometimes they eventually were but the draft just never was deleted. I just decided that when I don't have anything currently blogworthy, you're going to see those drafts dusted off and published here.

For starters, here's a photo of my sister, neice and myself at Dad's 90th birthday party back in November 2007. If this was a photo that was included in another post and the draft just didn't get deleted, oh well, you get to see it twice.

Martha, Cassie and me.

And here's a PS for you --
It may be cheating but I'm scheduling this to post tomorrow. So unless something noteworthy happens that I have just got to blog about or if I just don't have time to ramble, you'll still have something to see when you come to visit.


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