Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photo Shoot

- Update from April 2008 -
Next time you pick up a several-page marketing piece, see if you can imagine what goes into it. There are photos, copy, text, fonts, logos, weights and types of paper, the way it folds, content, appeasing certain higher ups, sacrificing that cool planned effect because of cost, etc. The possible variations are endless.

Well, one of my other-duties-as-assigned involves coordinating the photo shoot for our recruiting brochure. Even though it's kind of fun and gets you out of the office, we had a grueling several day schedule ... and some long days, too. Photographer, Robert, and art director, Kiki, are great to work with and are so easy going and flexible. Thanks goodness, because it's a big bundle of yarn being juggled about.

Counting on students to show up at appointed times can be challenging. You really have to be bold and just walk up to people and say, "Hey, you want to be in a brochure?" Well, you do have to preface it a little bit so they know you're not some freak wanting to take their picture; but when people don't show, you've got to wing it. You're still paying the photographer even when he's sitting in the golf cart in the shade. Although, Robert really can't sit still and will be up taking pictures of acorns or something all the time. I have no idea, but he's always on the move and does great work.

And there's that two-day scouting trip when the photographer and art director came and interviewed and took preliminary shots ... well, you find someone with the right look .... and they show up for the photo shoot a few weeks later looking entirely different. Most especially, haircuts and shaved heads. So you either work around it, or start being bold and making new friends.

Kiki, Melissa and Robert. Melissa felt like a dork doing this, but she is one. A very lovable dork. Some of my favorite people in the world are those lovable dorks.

On one of the days of the photo shoot, my cousin and her daughter were on campus taking care of some business since said daughter is an entering freshman this fall. I'm so excited she's coming here. Seems like her aunts and cousins have gravitated to other Texas schools. Glad to see her choosing her grandparents's alma mater. They literally made lifelong friends here. (If I was naming names, I'd tell you that even though they were all successful, one of the friends also found fame and there is a building on campus named in honor of his generosity.)

Lib Lib, Ky Ky, and JuJu.


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