Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sunday, Sunday

Went to Silsbee this morning and went to church with Dad. Had a good visit with Dad and also with Martha. Today, I called an old Dodge roommate who was from Conneticut. Hadn't talked to Mindi in probably close to fifteen years. Gene and I moved right after the last time I got a letter from her and in the move, I lost her contact info including her now-married name. I had done a search for her maiden name in her old hometown in Conneticut and got a hit, but just never gotten around to calling the number. It was her brother. I didn't even remember that she had a brother. She was really surprised when I called her! She sounded the same. What a character! She always had some outrageous stories to tell even when we were in our twenties. Now she's a mom with teenagers and has been a dog walker for two years in a chichi town in Conneticut. Was fun to catch up. This evening, a little tv watching for me and Gene. Also, Movie Gallery finally had a copy of Chronicles of Riddick available. Heard it was a disappointment and not as good as Pitch Black. We'll see!


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