Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tagged For Meme

4 Jobs I’ve Held:
Soda jerk at drugstore
Window factory (horizontal sliders dept.)
Cashier at discount store
Built highway traffic light controllers

4 Movies I Watch Over and Over:
High Anxiety (Mel Brooks)
Screamers (sci-fi)
Muppet Family Christmas
White Christmas

4 Places I’ve Been:
Skagit Valley in Washington
Boston MA
Roundup, Montana
Tybee Beach, Savannah

4 Places I’ve Lived:
Blossom TX
Marshall TX
Bronson TX
Douglassville TX

4 TV Shows I Watch:
Criminal Minds
Las Vegas
Guiding Light

4 People Who E-mail Me Regularly:

4 Favorite Foods:
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Salad with Ranch from Sonic
Diet Pepsi (does that count as food?)
(only 4 is kind of hard)

4 Places I Would Rather Be:
I'm okay here at home. Would rather my cat be home though.

4 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
House repairs being completed
My cat to come home
Taking some vacations this year
Seeing family

4 People To Tag:
The few people I know to tag were tagged with me HERE.


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Where's Einstein?

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