Friday, January 21, 2005

The Latest Movie Jag

Remember the little Amish boy in the Harrison Ford movie, Witness?
Remember Darlene's boyfriend in Roseanne?
How about Terminator 3's John Connor?
They're all grown up in Bookies. Three college guys start their own bookie operation. Don't worry if you don't know the lingo. There are subtitles, sometimes amusing, to explain it all. Loved the way they went ahead and fast forwarded through those long, repetitive, or boring setup scenes for you and got back to the story. I enjoyed it.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Okay, I enjoyed this. Found myself chuckling about it a lot during the following days. If you like the Dazed and Confused kind of movies, you'll enjoy this one. Lots of yucks!

Another comedic look at a dysfunctional family, American Girl was pretty fair. Basic premise being a girl wanting her mom to take her, her brother and step-sister to make the trip and visit her dad for "family day" at prison. It had it's moments.

I wanted Code 46 to be good. I really did. It's set in the future and stars Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton (remember her from In America?). It's been done better.

Open Water. I think the accompanying documentary on the filmmakers was probably more interesting than the actual movie. Just goes to show what someone with imagination, skill, and determination can do on a budget.

Angels in the Endzone. Okay, I didn't really watch this one, but it was on fuzzy tv (which is how I think of those stations that have bad reception). But Gene was watching it on and off. From what I could see/hear of it, looked pretty dumBah.


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