Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Honoring our Veterans

I attended a program at Silsbee High School today for veterans. Their custom for this annual event is to have it a couple days early so as not to conflict with other Veteran's Day events. This was Dad's first time to go to this one and I wanted to go with him. And of course, at 87 he was one of the oldest there. But glad to see there were still quite a few of those old WWII guys still kicking around!

A nice program. But the best part was seeing Dad run into people he knew - people that he grew up with, people from former churches. Hoping it will contribute to a feeling of community for him. I know he's lonesome.

I also knew quite a few folks, too. Silsbee is as much a hometown for me as any other place since we moved so much. I'm glad I went.


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